used forklifts for sale

Used Forklifts For Sale

Grand Forklift is here to help you get the best value on any used forklifts for sale. Connect with local forklift dealers who are looking to provide you with the best rates guaranteed. Customize your Used Forklift Search below for an instant quote. We also offer quotes on Rentals, New Forklifts, and Custom Lifts.

When you are looking for a forklift for sale, there are multiple things that you have to keep in mind. You definitely want a forklift that will serve you for a long time without problems. If you are looking for top quality used forklift, here are some questions that you should have answers to.

Will used forklifts be a good choice for you?

You are obviously looking for used forklifts because you want to save some money. However, this does not mean that you should buy the first used forklift for sale that you come across. You have to ensure that the forklift that you intend to buy will provide you with good services without breaking down every now and then. A used forklift will only be a good choice for your business if you find one that will serve you without any major problems. When you are dealing with Grand Forklift, you can be sure that you are going to be connected to dealers who will provide you with forklifts that will provide you with excellent services.

Will it be safe to operate a used forklift?

There are very many accidents involving forklifts that occur in workplaces. Some of these accidents are cause d by faulty forklifts. That is why you have to think about safety when you are purchasing a used forklift. You have to ensure that you not buying a used forklift that is likely to cause a lot of accidents when you start using it. Your operations will also be disrupted by accidents. This is one more reason why you have to ensure that you are buying used forklifts for sale that re in good working condition.

There are many things that you should not do when you want to find the best used forklifts for sale. The things that you should not do include;

1. Focus on the age

In most cases, age does not tell the whole story. That is why it’s important not to focus on age alone when shopping for used forklifts. Sometimes, an older forklift might be in a better working condition than newer one.

2. Focus on price alone

Price should not be the most important thing that you are considering when you want to buy used forklifts for sale. When you focus on buying the cheapest forklifts, you may buy something that will break down every now and then.

Before buying any forklift, you should consider the warranty offered. Dealers that offer warranties are obviously confident about the quality of the forklifts they are selling.

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Search our updated local inventory of Sit Down Rider forklifts. Get an instant quote and connect with a dealer.


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7 Tips To Know Before Buying a Used Forklift For Sale

Considerations on the Purchase of a Used Forklift Truck

A forklift is an extremely essential and key piece of equipment in any material handling business, or any business requiring the moving and lifting of heavy loads. Most of used forklifts are operated by small and medium sized companies that either can’t afford or don’t need a new one. There are some things that should be taken into account, both in terms of overall quality of the forklift, the purchase price and the subsequent running of the machine. By considering these factors and more, it is possible to shop for a machine that will perform well for many years. Here are a few things to consider when shopping forklifts for sale.

  • The type of the truck



    One of the initial considerations when purchasing a used forklift is to define what specification of lift truck would suit your particular lifting and moving needs. Know the maximum weight the machine will need to lift, and what height you need. Think about what your needs are currently and in the future. Once you ascertain the type of lift required, it is easier to focus your hunt on the equipment that will suit your needs. If you are not sure, an expert in the field can help in assessing your job site to recommend the best machine.



  • The weight of the truck



    As a rule, forklifts load capacity is categorized based on the weight that they are able to move at a specified work site. In case the load is not centered at the exact position then the forklift’s load capacity will be reduced. A small capacity three wheel forklift can lift 1,500 lbs., whereas a four wheel forklift can lift up to 30,000 lbs at once. It is important for forklift operators to choose a forklift capacity that surpasses their maximum load weight. This will ensure that they are never stranded in a situation where the cargo is compromising the lift. Always be sire to find out how much weight the forklift can lift up before purchasing since it will have an impact on pricing.



  • Electric vs internal combustion



    Lift trucks come in two styles: electric and internal combustion. Electric forklifts come with tight turning radius. The machine runs by electric motor leaving the load site exhaust free, emission free, and noise free. Of internal combustion types of lift trucks, only propane can be used inside the warehouse because it produces little emissions. Electric forklifts are inexpensive to operate, but the batteries can be expensive to replace. If you opt for a used electric forklift, be sure to get the usage hours on the forklift’s battery to determine the life left in it.



  • Worksite’s surface area



    The surface areas of your load site will determine what type of machine you need. For instance, high reach forklifts will only be ideal for perfectly flat areas as well as indoor use. A number of standard, sit down forklifts are suitable for flat to not so rough surfaces. In case your job site has rough surfaces that must be driven over, an all terrain type forklift is your best option. Outdoor forklifts will need tires with some kind of tread pattern to make sure they maintain better grip during wet seasons. Indoor forklifts come with non marking tires. Learn how to properly operate a forklift for safety measures.



  • Determine forklift hours



    Forklift hours is a crucial factor when shopping for a lift truck. Whereas with vehicles the remaining economic life is ascertained by the number of miles on the odometer, with forklifts the life remaining is usually determined by the hours being displayed on the hour meter. These meters measure how long the key has been turned on, the amount of work every motor has done, including the lift motor, travel, and dead man hours. Knowing your forklift hours will determine the level of safety at your work site.



  • Maneuverability of the lift truck



    Before you buy a forklift you need to make sure that its maneuverability will work for your workplace. If you will be operating in a large warehouse, maneuverability and size might be less of a problem. But if your project requires loads to be moved from one room to the other, you need to buy a machine that offers maneuverability. Three-wheel forklifts perform well in compact spaces, while four-wheel lifts are ideal for most outdoor operations. If your machine operates regularly throughout the day, your driver would probably opt for this design. A second-hand forklift is an excellent option for light operations or limited budgets. If you shop wisely, they work as well as new ones. If you are not sure at what brand or model you need, seek the help of an expert in the field.



  • Why You Should Work with Grand Forklift



    Let us help you find the best deal on a new forklift. Our team of experts can connect you with trusted dealers in your city. We are known for our customer service and friendly staff. Contact us today for more information.

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